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Madison County Democrats believe in the equality of all people, the power of education, the dignity of work, and our responsibility to each other, especially the least of these.

The job of The Madison County Democratic Executive Committee is to help build the Democratic Party structure within Madison County, register new Democratic voters, help elect Democratic candidates at the local, state and national level, and run an aggressive GOTV (Get Out the Vote) program to elect Democrats to serve the people of Madison County and Alabama. We have developed a long-range plan to recruit, train, and support qualified Democratic candidates at all levels focusing on local as well as State offices.

The Democratic Party of Madison County promotes and supports progressive ideals and candidates throughout our communities. We are working every day to turn Madison County blue, one voter at a time. The work we do strives to improve our schools, help those in need, and build an economy we can be proud of and advance the causes of liberty, and justice for all.

Meet the Chair

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L. Thomas (Tom) Ryan, Jr. was elected Chairman of the Madison County Democratic Executive Committee in August 2014 for a four year term. He is a founding partner of the law firm of Ryan, Hicks, Cumpton & Cumpton, LLP, with offices in Huntsville, Mobile, and Pensacola Florida, and is the managing partner in the firm’s Huntsville office. He and his firm concentrate their practice in the areas of estate planning and probate, elder law, and asset protection. Mr. Ryan earned his B.S. degree from the University of Alabama and his J.D. degree from the University of Alabama School of Law. He served as a Bar Commissioner for the 23rd Judicial Circuit of Alabama from 2003-2012. Since 1985, Mr. Ryan has served as a board member and Chair (2004-2005) of the Huntsville Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Association, a group of volunteer lawyers providing legal advice and representation to low income residents of Madison County. He is also a former board member of the National Children’s Advocacy Center and is a former board member and Chair of FOCAL, the Foster Children’s Alliance.

Madison County Democratic Executive Committee

  • Chair: Thomas Ryan
  • Treasurer: Larisa Thomason
  • Secretary: Amy Shadoin 
  • District 6: Bill Thomas (Vice Chair), Amy Shadoins, Claudewell Campbell, Ryan McKannan, Willette Battle
  • District 10: Janice Marsh (Vice Chair), Patrick Grayson, Teresa Nelson, Lisa York-Cox
  • District 19: Wilbert Brownlow (Vice Chair), Herman Mixon, Diane Allison, Laura Hall, Bob Harrison, Alice Sams, Sara Bradley, Clarissa Winton,  Jane Flores, Deborah Barros-Smith, Laurie McCaulley, James Griffin, Eva P. Smith, Liz Smith
  • District 20:Mary Witherspoon (Vice Chair), Gordon Rainer, Emily Watson, Rita McKannan, Newell Witherspoon, Tom Ryan, Eddie Sherrod, Cindi Branham, Susan Brown, Polly Blalock
  • District 21: Andree Reeves, (Vice Chair), Sandra Rhodes, R.J. Rhodes, Shelley Bilbrey, Heath Brooks, Elaine Lynch,  Freya Neely, Martha Miller, Eric Artrip, Susan Higgins, LaVerne Roxby, Jennifer P. Jones, Anna Blair, Carolyn Wilson
  • District 22:Bill Krause (Vice Chair), Larisa Thomason, Phil Kirshtein, Lynda Hall, Cassandra Wilson, Rebecca Krause, Chuck Hyatt
  • District 25: Roger Elliss (Vice Chair), Richard Alexander
  • District 53 Eddie Greene (Vice Chair), Anthony Bowling, Pam Brooks, Doug Dermoody, Cedric Fuller, John Moore Jr., John Stone III, Clete Wetli, Kent Aldenderfer, Wanda Foster, Amanda Burns
  • Ex Officio Members: Representative Laura Hall, Commissioner Roger Jones, Commissioner Bob Harrison, Honorable Tommy Ragland, Honorable Lynda Hall, Honorable Mark Craig, Honorable Bobby Berryhill

Madison County State Democratic Executive Committee

  • District 6: Amy Shadoin
  • District 6: Ivan Swift
  • District 10: Dr. Marilyn K. Lands
  • District 10: vacant
  • District 19: Rep. Laura Hall
  • District 19: Commissioner Bob Harrison
  • District 20: Susan Brown
  • District 20: Eddie  Sherrod
  • District 21: Sandra Rhodes
  • District 21: RJ Rhodes
  • District 22: Horace Clemmons
  • District 22: Nancy Worley
  • District 25: vacant
  • District 25: vacant
  • District 53: Eddie Greene
  • District 53: vacant