It was a brisk fall day in New York City, a group of Game Developers, Artists and Programers descended on the final bar in an epic Wing Crawl along the West side of Manhattan.

It was in that dark bar with excellent wings that a game of Lacrosse was on TV.  Knowing little about the sport, the rag-tag group of game makers cheered on two college teams, when there was an upset on the field.  One team had a player advantage over the other, and flashing in 1980s yellow video text was “MAN UP TIME!!!” on the screen.

And just like that, Man Up Time Studios was formed.

Composed of industry veterans from Freeverse, ngmoco, DeNA and Nexon with such awards as Apple Design Award, a Macworld Eddy and a IGN Best of E3 award, Man Up time strives to make the kind of games that gamers want to play.

Man Up Time games focus on fast fun repayable experiences.  Partnering with industry leading developers, designers, artist and musicians, Man Up Time games aim to be premium experiences on the iPhone.

We hope you enjoy our games.  If you do, please let your friends know.

– Bruce Morrison, Founder Man Up Time

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