After Quote

I recently wrapped up creating a new design for the app After Quote.  It had a previous iOS 6 design that was functional, but felt extremely dated in the world of iOS 7.  My challenge was a quick turn around, as well as keeping the existing flow and color pallet.  The design was both fun and challenging.

I started with the meat of the app, single quote view.

The core use of the app shows a single quote, with some metadata below.  The client hadn’t actually updated to iOS 7 yet, but wanted the flatness, but not too flat.  I was happy to add some extra depth with shadows.  I particularly like the  shadow at the bottom of the card and how it gives the illusion of a curve like the cards are floating on top of the yellow, but just ever so slightly.

Once settled on the look of an individual quote, the most important part of the app, all the other screens fell into place.

The invite screen is clean and very easy to use, I very much like how the buttons came out.  I wanted that depth, but without all the shadows and gradients of older designs.  The two tones of blue give a sleek button, with round-but not too round of corners.

The main menu had to be easily accessible from the home screen (pictured below).  I wanted a design that slides out from the left, a favorite with modern apps.  I was very happy to use a subdued green instead of the nearly blinding neon greens I see in a lot of apps (I’m guilty of this too).  I was pleased to use the same button style as before, which allowed for continual depth, with the menu ontop of the quote view, and buttons ontop of the menu.

Quote PreviewAdd New Quote with Selected Text BoxJoin QuotebookMulti Quote View

I also crafted screens for a quote preview, composing a quote, the main screen and joining quote book.  This project took just over 1 week to complete, with 3 revisions.  I look forward to seeing it on the app store.  I’m available for hourly and contract work.  Contact

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