Bugs Bugs Bugs

After busting ass for several straight days and weekends, Kristian and I confidently hit a 1.0 version of Gun Runner (after panicking Aubrey for more art, Steve for an icon and Brendan for final music).  We submitted that build and then promptly I found about 20 bugs.  Kicking myself for this.

But we are hard at work now on a 1.1 update.  Hopefully to have it done, or close to done by the time 1.0 is out.

I also got some feedback from a few people, so I have some ideas I’m toying with.

  1. Increasing the starting pace.  This would make the game more “Action Awesome” but it would also make it much harder.  I need to weigh if the starting slow-time is detrimental to the experience, or key for a fresh breath.
  2. I need more weapons.  I’m pretty happy with the weapons the game ships with, but I think it needs a lot more.  I hope to go nuts creating more.
  3. More Chunks.  Each section in the game is a chunk that is randomly loaded and picked for it’s difficulty.  I rebuilt the chunks probably 100 times to make a fun chunk to play.  I didn’t get all the variety I wanted.  Hopefully in the 1.1 I can add more variety to make it interesting.

I think Kristian and I can knock these issues out rather quickly, and experiment with the new ideas.  Now I just need to get Apple to go ahead and approve the game.

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