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Gun Runner

Kill Everything.  Get Bigger Guns.  Repeat.

Experience the adrenaline shot of your life. Run, jump, and shoot. Did we mention shooting? We didn’t call the game “Gun Runner” for nothing. Unload the most wicked, alien-stomping weapons ever to grace this planet.

Available NOW!

Gun Runner - Man Up Time


Merchant to the Stars

Adventure! Excitement! Net Margins!

You are the merchant to the stars.  The top salesman in the tri-dungeon area.  When a hero needs a new Pole-arm, or poison embed short swords they know who to come to.  A new twist on the classic Dungeon Crawling RPG.

Available NOW!

Gun Runner - Man Up Time


Pathways Into Darkness


In August of 1993, Bungie Software released Pathways into Darkness the most advanced and ground breaking First Person Shooter for the Macintosh.The game broke new ground combining Adventure gameplay with the new First Person Shooter game that was just emerging onto the scene. As time passed, the Macintosh hardware and software changed and the game Pathways into Darkness was no longer playable on a modern computer… Until Now

Available NOW!




Other games I have worked on before Man Up Time.

Marathon Durandal


The classic Marathon with shiny new enhanced high-definition graphics! Feeling tough? Take on the universe alone in Single-Player mode. Feeling friendly? Team up with others to fight the Pfhor in Cooperative mode. Spoiling for a fight? Challenge the world to Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Tag, or the ever-popular Kill the Man with the Ball!

Available NOW!




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