Gun Runner 1.2 Hella Huge Update, Tell Your Friends!

Former ngmoco Game team unleash retro-freemium gaming fury with Gun Runner!

For Immediate Release, San Francisco CA

From the award winning-game Designer and Producer behind iOS classics MotoChaser, Top Gun and Flick Fishing comes a new true indie gaming experience.  Gun Runner version 1.2 is free to play, mobile gaming the way it was meant to be played, a fast-paced action shooter with oodles of ‘80’s retro cred.  Blast through hordes of Alien Mutants, collect coins, and cash in for weapons not meant for this world.  With an instant classic chip-tune  soundtrack by impresario Syphus, Gun Runner is must-have game for anyone who knows what up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-b-a-select start is all about.

“This has been a labor of love from day one” says Executive Producer Bruce Morrison.  “Working at ngmoco, working with big teams, long development cycles, the joy of gaming kind of got lost — we needed something to recharge our batteries.  Gun Runner was that kick in the ass we needed.”   Partnering up with Kristian Bauer, he founded Man Up Time Studios to chase their passion and make the kind of game they wanted to play.

Gun Runner, an Endless Runner, is the purest distillation of pick up and play fun.   Every time you run, you face an endless stream of bad guys, challenging new coin patterns and random platforming levels.  With an art style lovingly crafted to evoke classic 8-bit shooter gameplay, and a nearly endless array of fantastic weaponry to collect.  Roasty toasty flamethrowers, bullet spraying machine guns and energy firing plasma guns — whatever your play style, you’ll find what you need to annihilate a legion of evil Dropships.

With alll new power-ups to let you cheat death, double, quadruple and sextuple your coin amount or overload your weapon for devastating firepower, and a cast array of improvements and enhancements, Gun Runner 1.2 demands your immediate attention – and your free download.

Download it today!

Available for now from the Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® Touch

About Man Up Time Studios:

Man Up Time Studios was started by game designer and producer Bruce
Morrison with the goal of making cool games that kick ass. Bruce spent
seven years doing just that at Freeverse and ngmoco.

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