Gun Runner 1.2 Submitted

Phew!  What a week Month!

I just submitted the very awesome 1.2 version of Gun Runner.  It features, in no particular order of Awesome:

  • More Guns to shoot!
  • More bad guys to shoot!
  • More drop ships at once to shoot!
  • Awesome power-ups, such as weapon supercharge, super speed, coin multipliers and extra hearts
  • Lots of bug fixes, improvements
  • Anything not awesome was made awesome

Gun Runner - Man Up Time
I’m also trying two new things.  The first is SessionM.  It’s a kind of real rewards for achievement system.  I really like how they put their package together.  It’s all HTML 5 driven, so it can be configured via their portal.  On top of that, it’s got real style.  I implemented this system for user retention.  Really I just wanted to add something extra, I mean how cool is it that you can get an gift card for just playing Gun Runner?

I’m also giving Chartboost a whirl.  No, it’s not a iTunes bot system, it’s a cross promo network.  You can opt in and show promos for whatever Zynga app is the flavor of the week, or you can choose to only cross promo with another specific app.  When you do that, no money exchanges hands, it’s totally indie friendly, and the SDK is super easy to use.

The 1.2 update should be out in about a week, maybe sooner if Apple’s not busy.

Gun Runner - Man Up Time

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