I made a movie, in Keynote

Yeah, that’s right. I made a movie, a game trailer specifically, in Keynote.

Just so we are all on the same page here, Keynote is Apple’s presentation software, its what would happen if Power Point didn’t suck.

So, I did what now? The power to Keynote is this animation effect called “Magic Move” which keeps track of objects, so if you move them from slide A to Slide B, it figures out how they moved. It’s sort of like keyframes in animation.

I had already used a lot of Magic Move to build out prototypes of apps for my clients, so I knew it was powerful, but what could it do?  This:

I did use iMovie to stitch all my scenes together, and to insert the gameplay video, but everything else was handled in Keynote.

This is the asteroid flyby, it is built from 2 slides, the first slides sets up the space background, the nebula and the asteroid.

Asteroid Flyby Slide 1

The 2nd slide is the final positions.

Asteroid flyby Slide 2

That’s all there was to it.  Each additional animation is built just like this.  I would often take the last slide in 1 scene, and build the new scene with that slide as the first.  This way elements all stayed in the same place, allowing me to zoom and pan the camera (really all the elements) to my heart’s desire.

Is it perfect? No, not in the least. I’m sure I could do all of this in After Effects or some other animation package, but Keynote is cheap (to free for some people), and very powerful. I just did a logo introduction for Man Up Time entirely in Keynote, and the newest addition has motion blur and other effects.

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