Mad Props To Everyone


Today marks 3 weeks on the app store. In the past my MO has been release a game, maybe do a 1.1 and call it a day.

I never got to do a major update to Warpgate (but I started on one, had a bunch of new ships, planets and such to discover). Never even did much to MotoChaser other than some in game ads and Christmas lights.

So here I am with Gun Runner, and 3 weeks post launch, busting my ass (along with Kristian’s ass) to get a major 1.2 out the door.

But I need to go back and thank everyone who helped me get to 3 weeks and 1.2.

So in Particular order of things as they pop into my head.

A huge thank you to Kristian of Bauerkraut. Not only is he the #1 Brewskee-ball roller in New York City (which let’s face it, is the ONLY BrewSkee-ball league that matters) but he’s been the one man wrecking crew. Basically all the crap I can come up with, he plops down in sweet code.

My second thank you would have to be Mr. Aubrey of Wolfire fame. Magically these awesome images of monsters and sweet dudes would just show up in my Inbox ready to go into a game. Aubrey single handedly helped pick the direction of the artwork for the game, going from a more 8-bit style to a 16-bit SNES design.

The awesome music in Gun Runner comes by the way of Syphus (who did the music to Pineapple Smash Crew, so you know he’s got mad skillz). The emails back and forth between Syphus (Brenden) helped set the tone for the game. The man is also a poet of words (when those words include “Regan-esq Guitars”). Audibly the music in the game is easily one of the best parts of the game.

I would of gotten to work with Syphus if it wasn’t for Adam over at Strange Flavour. I’ve had the pleasure of working on several games with Adam, such as Airburst, Flick Fishing and SlotsZ, and he’s just the best. More times than I can count he has helped me out of a jam. He did the weapons in hand on the Marathon game for XBLA. And if you piked up the latest versions of Marathon on Mac/PC the new SMG in Infinity was his. Adam also contributed some awesome sounds that didn’t make it into 1.0 of Gun Runner but are in the 1.2 update we are prepping.

Of course I can’t mention Adam without mentioning Aaron, who has pretty much been a sounding board on every game I have worked on since 2005 (or so). Not only is he the mad scientist of code, but has so many elegant solutions to problems, and is keeper of all things British.

I really have to thank my wife Alanna. I said to her “Hey after working 40 hours a week, can I work late at night and on weekends while you take care of the kid?” and she said yes. That’s nuts right? But she supported me in trying this out.

James, I’m making this game for you.

Nick, totally got me off my ass to finish up the game, and keep adding more awesome. Also setting me up with some sweet PAX promo’s didn’t hurt.

Ian and Colin, taught me pretty much everything I know about games. Thanks guys.

NimbleBit, helping me promo the game, and listening to my inane questions about cocos2D, and releasing your own game.

Godzilab for also helping me out with a promo.

Acceleroto for being another pillar in my pomo. Also in helping with biz questions.

Robert, the best damned lawyer a friend can have. He turned Man Up Time into a proper LLC, as well as helped me realize I could make a game while at ngmoco and not violate my contract (not that it mattered).

3PMofos, these guys are the best. Sure several of us have gone our own way, but while working with them I learned a lot about promo networks, CPI and all sorts of other great buzzwords.

I’m sure there’s someone else I need to thank. If I forgot, I’m sorry. Everyone has been super supportive. It’s weird, despite doing this for 7 years, there’s something about doing this on my own, with nobody to fall back on, and nobody to blame for anything going wrong but myself that really puts game development into it’s own light.

Personally Gun Runner has been a great success for me. It’s made back what I consider it’s dev costs (much like an iOS gamer, I don’t place a value on my time), but it also taught me a lot about the parts of the biz I didn’t know about. I know I can design a damned good game, I know I can manage a team of artists and engineers. Now I know I can actually do it without large sacks of cash.

Stay Tuned for Gun Runner 1.2 update!

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