Marathon at 1024X1024


What’s better than playing Marathon?  How about Marathon with some high fidelity.  When we sat out to make a HighDef version of Marathon Durandal for Xbox 360, we had to work within some major constraints.  One of those being we had to fit the entire game into 150 MB of disk space.  To save space, we reduced the Wall textures from 1024X1024 to 512X512, and even then we just barely fit into the space.

Now that the Community has done an awesome job at reverse engineering our file format, the 512X512 textures are available to everyone, even included in the current versions of Marathon 2: Durandal.

But now I’m happy to share the original 1024X1024 textures.  These were mostly created by Steven Tzé ( with a few by Mike Watson.  Please download and marvel at how awesome they are, use them in your copy of Marathon, or your TC.  Just don’t sell them or do anything that would make your friend want to slap you.

Download – 209.1 MB12914


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