Merchant Beyond the Stars Level Increase (and more)

Merchant to the Stars 1.3 has been relseased.

It grew to be a bigger update than I planned for, but it is chock full of some great stuff.

First and most important the level cap is now 75.  But I couldn’t stop there, no, I needed to make sure that you had enough stuff for level 75.  So I introduced:

  • 4 base types for Blaster Weapons
  • 4 base types for Melee Weapons
  • 5 base types for Alien Weapons
  • 5 base types for Defensive Armor
  • 4 base types for Implants Armor
  • 5 base types for Symbiotic Armor

That puts the total number of weapons the game can construct at like a ka-jillion.

I also introduced a new alien species to the game, the Sk’rith, an insect like race.

I then introduced the proper upgrades for going up to level 75.

During all of this I fixed a bunch of bugs, adjusted some menus and economy numbers and improved performance across the board.  The update is out now.  You can get it here.

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