Merchant update

After a really really long time, I’m dusting off Merchant to the Stars. There’s a few tasks to be accomplished. We got a notice from Apple that Merchant is due to be unlisted due to not being 64 bit or updated in a long time. It’s now 64 Bit and seems to be functioning just fine. There’s a bug with GameCenter achievements, we just need to update the code, we are using some old GC stuff that has been depreciated.

While in the code I took some time to improve some quality of life.

• Raised the level cap to 75
• Readjusted the level curve
• Readjusted pricing of sellback
• Readjusted some of the hero settings to give better heroes

I rather like the visual style of the game, it’s not just 8 bit pixel art (it’s not 8 bit at all) but has sort of an old PC throwback style. I did adjust some of the art a bit, adding some better dithering in hero assets and a few menu assets. Nothing major, just a bit of adjustments.

Finally it was brought to my attention that the game assumes every hero is male. That’s not good. The game now will procedurally generate and assign genders as needed and no longer assumes any hero is male. There’s also a few new bad guys.