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-Master Shifu



Find your polling place and vote for a better Alabama, going to add more text here to make this go well into the next row.


More long text, but of various length to see what happens


Things about volunteering, joining us. Making this text longer to see if it's part of an alignment issue.


More random typing from me, this time not as long

Upcoming Events with Madison County Democrats, join us for a better Alabama

Nothing from February 21, 2017 to March 21, 2017.

Music of Gun Runner

I’m very proud to present the official soundtrack to the game Gun Runner! Composed by the legendary and world famous Syphus, the songs of Gun Runner evoke a kind of chip-tune ass kicking good time. With shredding heavy metal guitars, and the most rocking’ of beeps and boops these songs will help you slaughter hordes […]

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Gun Runner dev Update 1

Gun Runner started development in late December and didn’t fully kick off until mid January.  In that time the game has come a long way.  We’ve gotten iCade support in, ensured proper Universal support, added GameCenter leader boards and focused on an art style. Today I decided to make a rather brash decision and switch […]

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Rush City

From the awesome guys at Acceleroto, A game of little green men and a cool 3D city.  Launches the 23rd! Rush City is a new endless runner game developed by Acceleroto. You play the sole survivor of an alien race and must escape from the evil humans set on your destruction. Rush City has super easy […]

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