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-Master Shifu



Find your polling place and vote for a better Alabama, going to add more text here to make this go well into the next row.


More long text, but of various length to see what happens


Things about volunteering, joining us. Making this text longer to see if it's part of an alignment issue.


More random typing from me, this time not as long

Upcoming Events with Madison County Democrats, join us for a better Alabama

Nothing from February 21, 2017 to March 21, 2017.

Marathon at 1024X1024

What’s better than playing Marathon?  How about Marathon with some high fidelity.  When we sat out to make a HighDef version of Marathon Durandal for Xbox 360, we had to work within some major constraints.  One of those being we had to fit the entire game into 150 MB of disk space.  To save space, […]

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The Items of Merchant Beyond the Stars

For our new game Merchant Beyond the Stars, an entire new set of Weapons and Armor had to be created. Instead of simply drawing all 180 base items, Merchant builds items out of parts.  This allows it to build countless different items with prefixes and elemental types. Take this blaster here: It is composed of […]

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Merchant Beyond the Stars

Uncover the secrets of the universe. Meet strange aliens, sentient robots and warrior princesses. Buy and Sell procedurally generated missions, weapons and armor. * Uncover the secrets of the universe, who is the Emperor? * Procedurally generated loot with Common, Rare and Legendary variants * Countless heroes, each with a story to tell * Upgrade […]

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