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If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are.

-Master Shifu



Find your polling place and vote for a better Alabama, going to add more text here to make this go well into the next row.


More long text, but of various length to see what happens


Things about volunteering, joining us. Making this text longer to see if it's part of an alignment issue.


More random typing from me, this time not as long

Upcoming Events with Madison County Democrats, join us for a better Alabama

Nothing from February 21, 2017 to March 21, 2017.

The China Syndrome

Gun Runner was released, and it’s doing pretty good. Like a new parent (which I am) I feverishly refreshed Localytics, MajicRank and iTunes Connect to see how the game was going. Excitedly, we passed 100 downloads, then 500, then amazing 1000 people! I woke up to find even more downloads. Then something happened. Donwloads went […]

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Bugs Bugs Bugs

After busting ass for several straight days and weekends, Kristian and I confidently hit a 1.0 version of Gun Runner (after panicking Aubrey for more art, Steve for an icon and Brendan for final music).  We submitted that build and then promptly I found about 20 bugs.  Kicking myself for this. But we are hard […]

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Pocket Next Interview

The fine folks over at PocketNext did an interview about yours truly. One thing I was excited to do with the interview was speak openly. While I generally have nothing but love and respect for Freeverse, I still have had to hold back in the past. I’m sure when I left ngmoco, I signed some […]

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