Pocket Next Interview

The fine folks over at PocketNext did an interview about yours truly.

One thing I was excited to do with the interview was speak openly. While I generally have nothing but love and respect for Freeverse, I still have had to hold back in the past.

I’m sure when I left ngmoco, I signed some paperwork about not saying bad things bout them. But screw that, I’ve sold my stock, and cashed their checks. I worked with great people over at ngmoco, and some really un-great people. (The great people know they are great, because I still talk with them on a daily basis, the un-great people are too busy ruining the company to chat with me).

The PocketNext article was mostly about the state of Apple tools and dev support, which is fine. I would of liked to talk more about the early days of the App Store and development. I have some great old stuff from back in the day. Failed projects, tech that didn’t’ work out, and just things we all wanted to do, but ran out of time.

I won’t share any old FV stuff without clearing it with the Freeverse guys, I have too much respect for them. But I think some of the older stuff would be cool to see. I think with all the focus on Free To Play and Android, people forget what kick-ass game makers Freeverse is. I know they are working on a new title, and I’ve seen some of it from a distance. It’s amazing and I can’t wait for them to release it on iPhone (Sorry I won’t play anything on Android).

To bring this back to the Pocket Gamer article, go check it out. I hope I was coherent and not a blabbering fool.

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