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21 Feburary, 2014



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Merchant Beyond the Stars, places you in the role of the ever present shopkeer found in all RPG games. It is up to you to buy all the items from visitng heroes, scrap the less desirable items, and upgrade the best. Enhance your Tech Lab to unlock upgrades allowing you to infuse heroe's weapons with Fire, Ice and Radiation elements. All the weapons, heroes and missions are procedurally generated, capable of building millions of combinations. As you help the heroes in their missions, they will tell you tales of their adventures. If you can outfit a hero with his desired weapon and armor, he can complete his mission and retire. Along the way, you will gain access to an experimental Warbot, capable of assiting a hero in his mission.

Delving Deeper

Based on the Merchant to the Stars game, Merchant Beyond the Stars takes the concepts and ideas in the first game and expands upon them by a factor of 100. If you enjoyed Merchant to the Stars, you will love Merchant Beyond the Stars, the experience has been finely honed, creating strategy and placing an emphasis on planning to maximize performance. And speaking of maximizing, if you love trying to min/max a game, Merchant Beyond the Stars is perfect for you.


  • Procedurally generated loot with Common, Rare and Legendary variants.
  • Countless heroes, each with a story to tell
  • Upgrade the Tech Lab to infuse weapons with Fire, Ice, Electricity or Radiation
  • Uncover the secrets of the universe, who is the Emperor?
  • Gamer friendly Free to Play mechanics, not a bunch of EA/Zynga/Mobage crap. Hell, the most expensive IAP is $10. None of that $99.99 bullshit.
  • No paywalls of any kind. You never have to spend a dime, and that's for serious, not marketing spin. The game was balanced without IAP.


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Awards & Recognition

    • "Apple Design Award" Runner-Up, Best Mac OS X Game, WingNuts 2: Rainia's Revenge 1.0 Freeverse 2006
    • "Macworld Editors' Choice Awards" WingNuts 2: Rainia's Revenge Freeverse 2006
    • "Best of E3 2007" Best Download-Only Game, Marathon: Durandal 2007

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      About Man Up Time

      Man Up Time is a game development studio founded in 2011 by industry veteran Bruce Morrison. Dedicated to cultivating game experiences infused with passion and humor, Man Up Time is driven by the goal of sharing creativity with others through well-designed, light-hearted games. Rooted in integrity and designed always with the player in mind, Man Up Time games seek to be consistently silly, experimental, and artfully created. Morrison has worked on several other successful iPhone titles in his more than ten years in the games industry such as: Flick-Fishing, Top Gun, and Skee Ball. He hopes that his games continue to provide players with an enjoyable escape, an outlet for creativity, or just a way to let lose and have fun.

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      Merchant Beyond the Stars Credits

      Mark Levin

      Bruce Morrison

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks