The China Syndrome

Gun Runner was released, and it’s doing pretty good. Like a new parent (which I am) I feverishly refreshed Localytics, MajicRank and iTunes Connect to see how the game was going.

Excitedly, we passed 100 downloads, then 500, then amazing 1000 people! I woke up to find even more downloads.

Then something happened. Donwloads went well beyond the thousands. Suddenly I was seeing 10,000 downloads, then 20,000. Then 40,000 downloads.

iTunes Connect and Localytics told the story. It was China. For some reason, the Chinese really love my game. So now I’m scratching my head. I’ve known that reaching the Asian markets is key to a global company and success. At ngmoco most of my product pitches revolved around reaching these markets. But I never set out to reach them myself.

So now I’m scrambling to get the game localized into Chinese. But I’m still left with questions.

  1. How did they find the game? I promoted Gun Runner (at the time of this post) in Flick Fishing Free and Air Hockey (Star Dunk and Tiny Tower to start soon).
  2. Was my press successful? Press was minimal, a blurb on Touch Arcade and whatever sites follow TA for news stories.
  3. Was it social media? I only have like 400 twitter followers.
  4. Do the Chinese spend any money in games? I think this is the most important question to ask. So far my reports say no. So I’m on a mission to find out how do games make money in China.

If you know the secret sauce to China, let me know.

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